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I've taken the Caballo stack myself for the past 4 months and while it's creates a great sensation of pleasantly intense focus similar to Modafinil, I've found that if I take two 800 milligram capsules of Piracetam at the same time it adds some body energy (like coffee) and gives me an extra degree of verbal ability. Some I'm going to add Piracetam to Caballo, in fact Piracetam will comprise about half of the Caballo supplement.
Piracetam is going to go in black capsules and the Caballo stack in red capsules. This will allow the biohacker (You!) to self experiment with the amount of Piracetam - the truth about Piracetam is you need to experiment a little bit with the dosage to figure out what works really well for you.

For me, 1600 millligrams Piracetam and 1600 milligrams of the Caballo stack really puts me in the zone, for you it maybe 1:2 proportion, a 1:3 proportion or you may even find that the Piracetam works better for you than Caballo for you, it's certainly cheaper. In which case you'll probably stop purchasing Caballo and you'll start buying Piracetam, which is fine with me. I'm confident enough in the proprietary Caballo stack I've created that, I'm not going to hide the proportion of Piracetam it contains.
I already have two profitable businesses, in one I'm compensated very handsomely for my time an hourly basis and in the other I make passive income. Unlike the vast majority of the companies in the industry, my image and real name appear on my website, I face real personal repercussions if my product dosen't deliver. So I genuinely just want to sell people the smart drugs that will work the best for them.