Why choose Caballo over the many other Nootropic stacks out there?

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Nootropic StacksIn short, Caballo is the smart drug stack for smart consumers.

Over 5 years of operating the ethics watchdog site LimitlessMindset.com and personally trying over 70 different smart drugs, I became increasingly skeptical and disappointed with the majority of the stack products we see on the market. Primarily, because there is very little reason to believe that they actually contain the ingredients listed on their labels and in their clever marketing. Unfortunately we don't have tricorders (yet), so there's really nothing preventing dishonest people from selling 'brain supplements' containing nothing but sawdust at outrageous profit margins.

I am also beginning to suspect that a lot of those pushing Nootropic stacks send high quality, pharmaceutical grade Nootropics to bloggers (like myself!) to review and to their brand new customers and then over time send their repeat customers - who are going to be a whole lot more susceptible to the placebo effect - something completely different than what's on the label.

The bottom line is that smart consumers should look for 3rd party Certificates of Analysis. Caballo is the only Nootropic stack that is backed up with 3rd party COAs.

If the creators of a product don't put their real names and faces all over their website and (or) product, make no mistake, their long term economic incentive is to sell literal or figurative sawdust. The worst economic consequences they face for their deception is having to occasionally refund a bottle $29, $39 or $49 sawdust.

If anything I error on the side of personal transparency, putting my real name and image all over Caballo. The reputation I've built over 5 years in the Biohacking space faces serious repercussions if this product doesn't deliver. It's not marketing hyperbole when I say that I stand behind this product.

I've written at length about these issues in these articles on LimitlessMindset.com...

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Why 'Caballo'?

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caballoI wanted to name my smart drug something that communicates power and grace, so I named it after the legendarily graceful and powerful beast which has carried humans to build their empires since time immemorial. I choose to use the Spanish word for horse because I was living in Medellín, Colombia when I discovered this potent stack of cognitive enhancers that empowers a spirit of vivacity and zest for life which is quintessentially Latin.
Caballo PronunciationKab-eye-show

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The Caballo Story...

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Medellin Lifehacking SobrietyI had heard of this mysterious, yet potent stack for a long time, from some of the biohackers in my inner circle in Medellin, Colombia. After identifying the highest quality, 3rd party verified pharmaceutical grade individual components and putting them through a thorough quality control process, I've created an efficacious smart drug which equals Modafinil

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