Pharma-Grade300It's very safe. The Red Pill formula of Caballo has been...
Clinically Tested in 885 Human Subjects with 0 Occurrences of Negative Side Effects
Piracetam, which is 50% of Caballo has been...
Clinically Tested in 2037 Human Subjects with 0 Occurrences of Negative Side Effects

0 Occurrences of Negative Side Effects? Really? In the scientific literature, yes. Researchers are quiet careful about documenting negative side effects of what they are studying. Just look up Kratom or Phenibut on Pubmed. For the ingredients of Caballo, in the scientific literature we find statements like this:
"Their unique feature is that they exert distinct effects on memory, but show hardly any biochemical activity and are practically devoid of toxic effects." From a Swiss paper.

Piracetam has NO LD50. An LD50 is the amount of a substance that it takes to kill a rat, you don't need to give a rat much caffeine or amphetamine before it suffers cardiac failure and drops dead but no amount of Piracetam was sufficient to kill a rat.*Gouliaev, A. & Senning, A, (1994) “Piracetam and other structurally related nootropics” Brain Res Rev 19, 180-222.

Two ingredients in the Red Pill formula, Pramiracetam and Noopept are derivatives of Piracetam. Piracetam was used as a control in 149 human subjects in a 20 year population study published in the antiaging journal PLOSONE, there were zero occurrences of significant negative side effects documented in the study. Interestingly the study found that over 2 decades the Ginkgo biloba extract was actually slightly better at preventing cognitive decline than Piracetam but it's none the less another strong piece of evidence for the safety of Piracetam.

A Danish review out of Aarhus University analyzed over 400 scientific references of Racetams, from it's abstract: "Nearly three decades have now passed since the discovery of the piracetam-like nootropics, compounds which exhibit cognition-enhancing properties... The racetams possess a very low toxicity and lack serious side effects."

If you scour Reddit and the Biohacker forums you will occasionally find an anecdotal case of someone who got a headache after doing to many racetams, or brain fog after taking to much Alpha-GPC or mania as a result of combing Nootropics with too much coffee. However, accounts of truly negative side effects, such as;

  •  Anhedonia
  • Depression
  • Severe anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of libido
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Weight gain
  • Narcolepsy or Insomnia

Which abound for say SSRIs or ADHD meds, are virtually impossible to find online for any of the ingredients of Caballo.

The one side effect you should be aware of is that it will potentiate alcohol because Piracetam is a vasodilation agent; more blood is delivered to the brain. So if you consume alcohol within 4-6 hours of taking the Black Pill you can expect to get intoxicated more easily.

One of the things that's funny to me is how skeptical and paranoid people are about the side effects of supplements, yet a couple times a week (or a day!) they shovel poison into their bodies in the form of processed, GMO food. If you eat food of unknown origin from time to time you are taking a significantly greater risk than you are by trying a new supplement.

Those who (after watching maybe too much science fiction) are wary of smart drugs should know that the industry is tiny and practically Open Sourced compared to the pharmaceutical, weight loss or workout supplement industries. It's a much more democratic industry; there's no deeply entrenched interests protected by billion dollar, patented formulas or lobbyists. It's largely an industry driven by social media and individual Biohackers sharing what works for them in forums.