Frequently Asked Questions

  • What dosage should I take? +

    You'll notice that Caballo comes as a black pill and as a red pill.

    The Black pill is 500 milligrams of Piracetam. The RDA of Piracetam is 1 to 3 grams daily.,

    The Red pill is 500 milligrams of the proprietary Red Pill formula. The RDA is 1 gram and the high end of it is also 3 grams.

    However, the Red Pill formula really is potent and a lot of people may not need or want to consume this much daily.caballo protocol

    There's a specific self experimentation protocol that we recommend enthusiastically, to those who want to get the maximium cognitive bang for their buck, it's called the Caballo Protocol, it's free and you can actually start using it to optimize your Biohacking efforts before you start consuming Caballo.

    Download the Caballo Protocol

  • Why should I buy this Caballo 'pre-stacked' from you as opposed to making it myself? +

    Good question! Caballo does include two propertary ingredients, derivatives of Magnesium and Tyrosine which really take the potency of the cognitive enhancement to the next level.

    Other than those two ingredients you are welcome to DIY your own Caballo, in fact here's some pharmaceutical grade sources of the individual ingredients: 

    However, our profit margin is whole lot thinner than you might expect on Caballo, you'll actually save yourself very little money, making it on your own. Especially considering the cost and inconvenience of dealing with powders or capping your own capsules - trust me it's pain in the ass!


  • How do you pronounce 'Caballo'? +

    Caballo PronunciationKab-eye-show

  • Should I take Caballo while pregnant or breastfeeding? +

    Nootropics, including some of the ingredients in Caballo, are commonly listed as something not to take while pregnant or breastfeeding.

    This is a pet peeve of mine... There is no studies, human or animal that show birth defects resulting from Nootropic consumption of the mother. All there is, is an abscense of the opposite.

    Do you want to take a chance with your child? Probably not.

  • What is the origin of the individual ingredients? +

    The majority of the ingredients are sourced from India and China, which are the world leaders in producing pharmaceutical grade molecules. A few of the ingredients were only avaliable from labs in Europe.


  • What does it 'feel' like? +

    Pleasantly intense focus, but at the same time an energizing sensation of optimism about the work ahead of one’s self and the challenges presenting themselves.
    If you are experienced with Nootropics and cognitive enhancers it's similar to Modafinil but without the tolerance curve and sweats.
  • What is the expiration date? +

    All of the raw ingredients we source with at least a 2 year margin on expiration dates. The packaging is doubly inspected for containment at this point. You'll want to store Caballo in a dark, dry place.

  • What other Nootropics should I take with Caballo? +

    Here's a question we like! Caballo is 50% Piracetam so the cofactors in the Piracetam Protocol are a great idea to take with it...


  • Why choose Caballo over the many other Nootropic stacks out there? +

    Jonathan Roseland By Jonathan Roseland  Connect  facebook30  googleplus30

    Nootropic StacksIn short, Caballo is the smart drug stack for smart consumers.

    Over 5 years of operating the ethics watchdog site and personally trying over 70 different smart drugs, I became increasingly skeptical and disappointed with the majority of the stack products we see on the market. Primarily, because there is very little reason to believe that they actually contain the ingredients listed on their labels and in their clever marketing. Unfortunately we don't have tricorders (yet), so there's really nothing preventing dishonest people from selling 'brain supplements' containing nothing but sawdust at outrageous profit margins.

    I am also beginning to suspect that a lot of those pushing Nootropic stacks send high quality, pharmaceutical grade Nootropics to bloggers (like myself!) to review and to their brand new customers and then over time send their repeat customers - who are going to be a whole lot more susceptible to the placebo effect - something completely different than what's on the label.

    The bottom line is that smart consumers should look for 3rd party Certificates of Analysis. Caballo is the only Nootropic stack that is backed up with 3rd party COAs.

    If the creators of a product don't put their real names and faces all over their website and (or) product, make no mistake, their long term economic incentive is to sell literal or figurative sawdust. The worst economic consequences they face for their deception is having to occasionally refund a bottle $29, $39 or $49 sawdust.

    If anything I error on the side of personal transparency, putting my real name and image all over Caballo. The reputation I've built over 5 years in the Biohacking space faces serious repercussions if this product doesn't deliver. It's not marketing hyperbole when I say that I stand behind this product.

    I've written at length about these issues in these articles on

  • What is the Caballo Guarantee? Is there a refund policy? +

    Guaranteed-ShieldWe have put a lot of work into making Caballo a profoundly enhancing smart drug and we are so confident that you'll be happy with the results that we stand behind our product and offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, including shipping and handling.

    • We would like some feedback as to why you were dissatisfied. What was your experience like with the smart drug?
    • For a refund we require a photo of the product you recieved, so we can confirm it reached you.
    • We also require that you return the remaining supply of Caballo to our address in Colorado or Florida. We ask this NOT because we are going to repackage and resell the product that you were dissatisfied with, we have limited supplies of this product and it is very expensive to produce so we ask you to return it if it dosen't work to dissuade those who would take advantage of our generous guarantee policy.

    Please allow up to 3 business days for us process the refund.

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HI! Like I said you on Wednesday, the next day I had an exam about electromagnetism theory. I didn't study enough for it, and I had to study until 2 am to 3 am if I wanted to win it. Hence, I took one pill at 4.50 am when I woke up, because the exam was at 6 am. When I was doing the exam I felt good mentally, but tired physically. In the class I didn't have sleep, I was very focused, despite of don't having slept enough. My academic problem don't finished there after exam (jajajaja). On friday at 6 am again, I had an exam about thermodynamic, and for that reason I took 2 pills more on Thursday. During the day I felt very very focused and without anxiety, this latter is good for me, because I be something nervous. Because I'm a little nervous with exams when no time study. I had to read me 4 chapters of a book of many mathematical formulas, I could only read three. Friday was the examination at 6 am, I did very well on the exam. I'm very happy with that. Do not know how long this horse in the body, but I am usually very very very nervous to make a presentation, and I had an exhibition today. And the truth I did not feel nervous despite learn me almost an hour before the presentation. Horse charm me, and I would like to get a few more, because next Saturday I have a partial examination of electromagnetic theory, and these tests are very complicated, because everything is physics mathematics applied.