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LimitlessMindset.comFor the past 5 years I've worked nearly full time on the blog which has become the ethics watchdog of the Biohacking and Nootropics industry,

  • My site has a closely moderated ratings and review database which includes all the major brain power and Nootropic products on the market.
  • I will occionally call labs issueing certificates of analysis and contact overseas distribution centers to verify chains of custody.

Overall, it's actually refreshingly ethical business, social media has made the world small again, and it's generally an unprofitable approach to sell low quality products. However, there's a couple really vile practices that worry me.

After 4 years of testing and trying dozens of different Nootropics we are launching our own. The reason I've been such a late bloomer as an Entreprenuer and have taken so long to launch a product is that I didn't want to launch just another $37 or $47 me too product, I wanted to launch a product that would provide an cognitive advantage unmatched by anything else out there on the Nootropics market.